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Sport Shooting with Enjoyable Impact


dueling tree steel target

You’ll be ahead of the average shooter with The Dueling Tree, even if you lose a match. It’s the only tree target that can receive the power and impact of your shots with such ease. Every circular paddle target on the tree is made of smooth laser-cut AR500 steel, which flip over easily whether you hit them dead center in the middle or on the outside edge.

  • Superb for testing your skill and accuracy with multiple areas up and down for you to aim at.
  • Serious fun in a duel game, or out on your own. You’re in control with the pattern of paddles that you’ll hit. Add magazine change outs, movement, and a secondary target to the mix and you have an endless shooting skills improvement system.
  • It can go with you anywhere. It’s transportable and easy to set up and put into place.
  • The paddles continue to keep working year after year. The AR500 steel paddles are designed to live in the elements, so you can hit every inch of it with the thrust of your bullets, over and over again.

*We have interchangeable dueling tree paddles for all gun caliber categories. This is perfect for pistols; use our Armomred Center Post version if you are going to shoot rifles.

The dueling tree that improves the right skills.

Victory in the duel doesn’t always go to the faster shot. It’s often the more accurate shooter, with the better plan, who will win the day. You’ll force the improvement of your aim, reflexes,  target order planning, and shooting strategy with the smooth reactive targets on Salute’s Dueling Tree. Best part is you’ll never get tired of plinking the paddles back and forth.

Designed for protection.

Besides being plain old fun to shoot, you don’t have to worry about bullet splatter coming back to you. The Salute Dueling Tree Target is designed so that each paddle is at a 20 degree angle to safely reflect the molten hot metal down into ground beneath and behind the target. The center post is also built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the side and not towards the shooter. Empty your rounds without restraint or worry. Just aim and let go!

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