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Law Enforcement Steel Targets

Steel Targets for Law Enforcement Tactical Training

Steel Targets for Law Enforcement Tactical Training Whether your instruction involves SWAT Operations, tactical police work or simply developing your officers’ shooting skills, deploying the proper steel target system is essential.

For nearly a decade, Salute steel targets have been meeting the needs of law enforcement tactical training professionals. The AR500 steel law enforcement targets enable trainers to deliver tactical training for a wide range of engagements, from close-in to long-range, and beyond.

From our IPSC steel targets to our patent-pending Spartan™ tactical target and Steel Sniper targets, Salute’s law enforcement steel targets are the logical choice for tactical instruction environments that focus on:

  • Adaptive decision making
  • Response tactics
  • Performance under stress
  • Law enforcement sniper
  • Tactical decision making

Why Salute Tactical Steel Targets

There are several unique characteristics of Salute law enforcement steel targets that make them popular with tactical training professionals.

  • Made from only high-quality, AR 500 steel.
  • Safe-to-Shoot™ optimized for bullet fragment deflection.
  • Action-Tuned for various gun calibers, situations and configurations.
  • Offered in both auto-resetting and static designs.
  • Interchange™ target/base system allows for fast and easy swap-outs for scenario-based training configurations.
  • Modular design provides for excellent portability and quick setup.
  • A decade of design evolution is built into all our law enforcement steel targets.
  • Every Salute steel target is made right here in the US.
Law Enforcement Tactical Training Steel Targets
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