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Focused Training For Acute Results

Our most challenging tactical target yet, The Spartan™ tactical target will prepare you for the split second when you need to protect what you cherish most. The target trains you to focus on the three primary areas of vulnerability on the body: The Head, Heart and Pelvis. Or as any modern warrior or shootist would state: The Electrical, Hydraulic, and Chassis kill areas. You’ll aim at these three primary areas on The Spartan’s AR500 steel plate base, which is laser-cut with the curves of the IPSC A-C zone shape.

  • No need to go downrange to reset the target. Each of the three spots on the target are receded and designed to pivot outward with your accurate shots. You can slap them back into place with the thrust of your follow-up bullet strikes.
  • Immediately confirms your increasing speed and accuracy. The bullet’s plinking sound against the metal, along with the visual swing of the plates, gives you instant satisfaction and assessment of your performance.
  • Highest quality steel that survives the elements. The Spartan™ will last through rain storms, high temperatures, multiple coats of paint, and just about every caliber you can aim at it to improve your tactical shooting skills.

*Patent Pending Salute Spartan™

Be ready to defend.

Throughout military history, the Spartans have been immortalized for their warrior prowess. To honor the high standard these defenders of freedom set for the rest of us, we at Salute named The Spartan™ reactive target. They understood that the shooting zones represented on this target could make the difference between life and death. Practicing your defensive shooting skills with The Spartan™could make the difference for you too, when your safety or the safety of your family is on the line.

A safer, more enjoyable shooting experience.

Salute makes the safest, and most portable, high quality steel targets in the market.

It can be easily stored in the small compact storage area of a truck, and you can set it up in seconds without any tools. And with it’s base angled slightly forward, Salute’s Spartan™ takes away the risk of sprawl coming back to hit you or others watching. You’ll shoot for hours and hours with the divine confidence and ease of owning this exquisite target.

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