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Safe-to-Shoot™ Steel Targets 
For Sport Shooting Action

Sports Shooting

Designing steel targets for sport shooters is nothing new for Salute. Whether it involves simply plinking “off the beaten path”, picking off targets at the nearest shooting range or going after big game, sport shooting has always been one of America’s favorite hobbies. And we’ve been there along the way.

At Salute, we love shooting, and it shows. Over the last decade our Safe-to-Shoot™ steel targets have taken recreational sport shooting to new heights. Our unique Action-Tuning™ design process, which ensures consistent target action, and our continuous design improvements combine to deliver a set of steel targets that wil continue to deliver, year after year. Sport shooters can be confident that Salute’s engineering philosophy will always result in steel targets they can count on when it comes to shooter safety and action-oriented design.

Reactive Steel Targets

Not all steel targets are the same. Cheap imports tend to be manufactured using inferior-quality steel and can’t always stand up to higher-caliber rounds. Salute’s steel targets are built from only the highest-quality AR400 and AR500 plate steel available. This not only helps ensure shooter safety, but also means that any steel targets you buy from Salute will deliver years of all-weather service.

With more than 100 targets to choose from, Salute has the just the right pistol or rifle steel target to fit your sport shooting need. Incorporating swing-away plates, spinning paddles and tension-adjustable spring bases, Salute’s steel targets are self-resetting, so you don’t need to go range cold. Keep shooting…and keep having fun to boot.

All-Weather-Compatible Sport Shooting

You don’t hunt in perfect weather nor should you have to take your target practice indoors when it rains. Our steel targets are designed to survive years of outdoor exposure and continue to work shot after shot.

Uncompromising Safety

When moving a few thousand feet per second, bullet fragment management is critical. Target angle, limited edge exposure and hot metal splash capture zones are engineered into every product we build. Making Salute Targets the safest in the industry.