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Steel Targets for Tactical Training

Steel Targets for Law Enforcement Ranges and Tactical Training

As a leader in Steel targets for nearly a decade, Salute understands the needs of law enforcement Range Masters. We focus on providing safe and effective steel targets for law enforcement range use, to make your life easier when it comes to outfitting a new range or supplementing your existing range.

Steel Target Solutions That Offer Flexibility

Salute’s range training steel targets offer Range Masters a solution to a wide variety of needs. Whether your needs involve training/certification for accuracy, situation-oriented tactical training, provisioning a new range or supplementing your existing range Salute has a range steel target combination that will get the job done.

Steel Targets That Are Law Enforcement Range-Safe™

For ten years Salute steel targets have been engineered with shooter safety in mind. In a law enforcement training context, it means using the same Safe-to-Shoot™ engineering and design philosophy that goes into all our steel targets, but with eye toward functionality at the range.

The Salute Difference

From our IPSC steel targets, reflex steel targets and long-range sniper targets, law enforcement shooting ranges can take advantage of several unique aspects of the Salute steel targets built with range use in mind.
Superior Materials: Our targets are made from only high-grade AR500 and AR400 steel.

Safe-to-Shoot™ Engineering and Design Philosophy: Ensures safe range shooting, and close-target-proximity fragment deflection patterns.

Durability: Rest assure that in both indoor and outdoor law enforcement shooting range environments, your Salute steel targets will last. Our long-term testing shows no degradation, either in our targets’ action or Safe-to-Shoot characteristics over time.

Portability: Smooth breakdown and setup design allows law enforcement Range Masters to easily share targets between ranges.

Target/Base Interchange System: Allows for a wider variety of configurations and situational setups for active tactical training.

Continual Evolution of Our Steel Target Design: Salute’s engineering team is constantly improving our market-leading steel target designs. Over the years we’ve made revolutionary changes in nearly every aspect of our steel target design. All with one goal in mind; ensuring that your Salute steel target will deliver years of safe and functional use in a shooting range environment.