22 Rimfire - DOD Mil Spec Base

22 Rimfire - DOD Mil Spec Base

Hillsboro, OR

Patent Pendind 22 DOD Mil Spec Base
Made with. AR400 Armor Plate Steel
32 inch Tall | 11.5 inch Wide | 10.5 Pounds

Designed to last a lifetime when used with 22 LR ammunition

Meets Department Of Defense Military Specifications for Steel targets.

To be used with Salute 22 Rimfire Steel Targets

Designed to hold SALUTE 22 Rimfire Steel Targets. The targets are held stationary with a 30 degree forward tilt to deflect bullet fragments downward and into the ground beneath the target.

Easily breaks down to fit into the trunk of a car.
Fits together withour tools
Designed to make optimal use of our 22 Rimfire AT Steel Targets

    You get an audible ring each time the target is hit.  This target base is very good for multiple and simultaneous bullet impacts because it does not change its angle on impact. Many law enforcement and military training instructors request this target base system for this reason.

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