22 Rimfire - Spring Base

22 Rimfire - Spring Base

Hillsboro, OR

Small Spring Base
Made with. AR400 Armor Plate Steel
12 inch wide | 15 inch long | 6 Pounds

For use with all 22 Rimfire Small Targets

This base automatically resets the targets in the optimal 2.5 degree tilt forward after each hit. The front plate is made of AR400 armor plate and is placed at an angle to deflect missed shot into the ground. This target base is uniquely designed to trap bullet fragments behind the front plate in the Splatter Platter preventing them from bouncing off the ground towards the shooter. Easy to setup, carry and store. It is well balanced with a built in handle for one- handed carry. Interchangeable...one target base can be used with any of the small 22 Rimfire Spring Steel Targets using our quick change NO TOOLS pin and spring mount.

The small spring base and targets are designed for 22 LR ammunition.

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