50 Cal Armored DOD Base

50 Cal Armored DOD Base

Hillsboro, OR


30 Long | 18 Wide | 26.5 Lbs. |  18 High | 3/8 Inch Armor Plate AR500 Steel


The DOD MIL Spec Steel Target Base is specifically designed to hold one 50 Cal Salute Steel target. This is a tough base that is engineered to handle whatever you can throw at it, and it meets the Department of Defense Military Specifications for Steel targets. Targets mounted in this base are held stationary, with a 30 degree forward tilt to deflect bullet fragments away from the shooter and toward the ground.

If you're going to shoot heavy rounds at a steel target that can handle it, that steel target should be safely secured in a base that can also handle it.  Mount one of our 16 round 50 Cal targets or one of our 108 50 Cal targets in this armored base, and shoot with confidence, knowing that the combined base and target combination not only meets Department of Defense standards but is also safety-engineered by Salute to stand up to larger rounds while still ensuring shooter safety.

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