22 Rimfire Horizontal Spinner Steel Target-L

22 Rimfire Horizontal Spinner Steel Target-L

Hillsboro, OR

Made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel
48 inch Tall | 8 inch Wide | 8 Pounds

Use with 22 Rimfire Base or Tactical DOD Base

The spinner swings in a 30 inch diameter arc. For use with all 22 Rim Fire only.
There are a variety of "spinner" type targets out there on the market, but Salute's is unique in that it incorporates our proven base stand and vertical upright. It also has a weighted arm (to assure returning to the vertical) & safety deflection plates.
This Salute target support system can be incorporated with the rest of our "DOD Mil Spec" (Department of Defense Military Specification) line requirements for steel reactive targets. Simply remove the "spinner & mount" and substitute any other Salute target. The angle allows extremely close range shooting. Military and police have used and enjoy these targets not just for their one on one training in timing, coordination, and accuracy, but also in their ability to do team training.



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