Rifle Exploder Collar

Rifle Exploder Collar

Hillsboro, OR

Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel
7 inch Tall | 7 inch Wide | 10 Pounds

Minimum safe standoff distance 75 feet (25 yrds)

New Salute "EXPLODER Targets" (Trade Mark & Patent Pending
Use with Pistols or Rifles less then 3000 fps at 100 yards.
This target fits over the neck of almost any of our targets so you can hang this collar on your existing Salute Target without having to purchase anything else. We would recommend putting in on one of our tactical targets like the 10-8, IPSC 2/3. IPSC A-C, shown here on our Army Reflex Threat Target.
This exploder has a 4 inch diam bullseye zone and holds 3-4 scoops Sure Shot exposive in the resevoir.

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