Pancho Villa -L

Pancho Villa -L

Hillsboro, OR

Made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel
28 inch Tall | 18 inch Wide | 42 Pounds

Pancho Villa is famous and controversial in both folklore and fact as Mexico's greatest hero and villain. Born in San Juan del Rio, Durango, Mexico, on June 5, 1878, as José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, he was better known by his pseudonym Francisco Villa or his nickname Pancho Villa. He grew up to be one of the most prominent Mexican Revolutionary generals. He started off as a bandit, but was inspired by reformer Francisco Modero, helping Modero to win the Mexican Revolution. After a coup by Victoriano Huerta, Villa formed his own army to oppose the dictator. Villa fought in and survived many gun battles, even raiding into the U.S. and committing an international incident to draw the U.S. into the Mexican civil war. After an adventurous life in the fast lane, he was finally ambushed and gunned down by rivals in Parral, Mexico on July 20, 1923. Acclaimed by many, particularly the poor, as a "Robin Hood", he is immortalized in many Mexican Mariachi ballads.

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