Safety Gong Round

Safety Gong Round

Hillsboro, OR

Made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel

8 ---- inch round 7 Pounds
12 --- inch round 13 pounds
16 --- inch round 22 pounds
19.5 -inch round 32.5 pounds
24 --- inch round 49 pounds

As anyone who has shot steel knows, you never want to shoot steel that is hanging completly vertical. Bullets and bullet framgments can bounce back directly at the shooter. That's why we made the SAFETY GONGS. These targets are uniquely designed to hang at a 20 degree forward tilt to safely deflect bullets and bullet fragments down into the ground away from the shooter.
Not only does this angle safely deflect bullets it also makes the targets last a lot longer by deflecting much of the bullet energy away from the target face, effectively increasing the useful life of the target.



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