Spartan Tactical 2 Plate -L

Spartan Tactical 2 Plate -L

Hillsboro, OR

Spartan Tactical 2 Plate ™ Reactive Targets - Salute Targets

Target is made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel.

23.3 inch tall | 11.81 inch wide | 32.5 pounds

Pending Salute Spartan™

This target is based on the IPSC A-C zone shape with 2 additional moving target zones. The Head and Heart areas. Or as any modern warrior or shootist would state: The Electrical and Hydraulic kill areas or immobilization area of vulnerability. The platres are built to pivot outward, where they can again be slapped back into place by follow-up bullet strikes. Which means no need to go down range to rest the target



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