USMC Zipper Wide -L

USMC Zipper Wide -L

Hillsboro, OR

Use with "DOD 3/8" TYPE BASE

REVERSIBLE Target face so you can shoot both sides of the target.

The Salute USMC Zipper Wide (Combat Marksmanship Program) Steel Target is based on the scoring zones (used on the Marine Corps' new Combat Marksmanship Program paper qualification target):

  • 'Circuitry' - Brain Stem/Ocular Cavity and Spine
  • 'Hydraulic' - Heart and Lungs
  • 'Pelvic' - Pelvic Girdle

Zipper is the term used to identify a spinal cord shot.

The Salute USMC Zipper Wide Steel Target will allow shooters the opportunity to train on steel while still focusing on accuracy, as only "hits count."



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