22 Rimfire - Adapter Plate

22 Rimfire - Adapter Plate

Hillsboro, OR

22 Rimfire - Adapter Plate
Made of AR400 Armor Plate Steel
3.75 inch Tall | 4.5 inch Wide | 0.6 Pounds

Use 22 Rimfire DOD targets with existing Salute Tactcal DOD 3/8" bases.

If you already own one of our Tactical DOD 3/8" base this adapter fills the gap in the mounting plate to allow you to use 22 Rimfire DOD type targets with your existing DOD Mil Spec base.

This is just another feature of ourInterchangeable Target-Base system that allows you to maximize your purchaseing power by taking adantage our interchangeable taget/Base designs.

Use with Tactical DOD 3/8" bases and 22 Rimfire DOD Type targets.

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