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Double Tap Dueling Tree

  • Double Tap Dueling Tree - 12 Paddles

  • Made of AR500 Armor Plate Steel, Base Included

  • 48" Tall | 17" Wide | 85 Pounds

Additional Information

Safety Designed Besides being plain old fun to shoot, the Salute Dueling Tree Target is designed to manage the bullet splatter—each paddle is set at a 20 degree angle to dereflect the bullet splater down into ground beneath and behind the target. The center post is built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the side and not towards the shooter.

Product Reviews

5/5 - Great product
Posted byM.R.

I know you will enjoy this Salute Dueling Tree as much as I enjoy mine. This will give you and your friends many years of enjoyment. I know you work hard and play harder and this is one great product that you can play hard with.


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