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Circle in on your aim.

A bullseye target in five sections. The center and outer circle areas are segmented into individual swing plates, and can be aimed at separately.

  • All five plates of each target rest at an optimal safety angle.

  • Separate plates give immediate auditory and visual feedback.

  • A more challenging target that’s great for improving accuracy.

Odin's Eye - Rifle

Recreational Component Specifications:

  • Target is made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel
  • 48 inch Tall | 25 inch Wide | 150 Pounds
  • Armored Swing Plates

Got a us now!

Additional Information

Those of you with Warrior blood know the prayer of all those ancients who faced Viking invasions: “Lord protect us from the Norsemen”. The Vikings exalted their Norse God Odin who had only one eye. This beautiful target will greatly enhance a shooter’s shot placement in showing where you are with respect to the center bullseye. This is unique among steel targets and a real benefit to practicing snap shooting and sighting in your scope. Accurate shot placement will become a beautiful reality to teach, instruct, and perfect as you strike the bullseye and its outer quadrants with a satisfying ‘pling’ and distinctive movement. 

All of our targets are made of the highest quality steel that survives the elements. They’ll last through rain storms, high temperatures, multiple coats of paint, and just about every caliber you can aim at them.

Salute Targets immediately confirm your increasing speed and accuracy with the bullet’s plinking sound against the metal, to give you instant satisfaction and assessment of your performance.

They are designed for protection and safety, built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the ground or side, and not towards the shooter.

Product Reviews

I Just received my target and I really like it. Also, being a boiler inspector, I can see that the design, quality and workmanship is top notch! Thanks

5/5 - Top Notch Design
Posted by Robert L.


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