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Odin's Eye Rifle

  • Target is made of 3/8 inch thick AR500 Armor Plate Steel.

  • 48 inch Tall | 25 inch Wide | 150 Pounds

  • Armored Swing Plates

Additional Information

Those of you with Warrior blood know the prayer of all those ancients who faced Viking invasions: “Lord protect us from the Norsemen”. The Vikings exalted their Norse God Odin who had only one eye. This beautiful target will greatly enhance a shooter’s shot placement in showing where you are with respect to the center bullseye. This is unique among steel targets and a real benefit to practicing snap shooting and sighting in your scope. Accurate shot placement will become a beautiful reality to teach, instruct, and perfect as you strike the bullseye and its outer quadrants with a satisfying ‘pling’ and distinctive movement.

Product Reviews

5/5 - Top Notch Design
Posted by Robert L.

I Just received my target and I really like it. Also, being a boiler inspector, I can see that the design, quality and workmanship is top notch! Thanks


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